New Update from Quest Software Makes Home Space More Social

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New Update from Quest Software Makes Home Space More Social

We’re excited to announce two major new features rolling out in the v41 software update: Meta Horizon Home and Parental Controls.

Meta Horizon Home is your familiar old Home space, but with a twist—it’s now a social hub where you can hang out with friends. If you haven’t tried this yet, check it out! It’s easy to find at the top of your menu bar.

Parental Controls are an important part of our ongoing effort to make VR safe for all users. These tools let parents and guardians set boundaries on the types of content their teens can access, track their activity in VR, and limit how much time they spend in VR each day. Meta thinks these tools will help keep your teens safe as they enjoy their Meta Quest experience.

Meta is rolling out these updates slowly so they can ensure everything works correctly before they turn them on for everyone else, so don’t fret if you don’t see them today! They know these are highly anticipated features and they want everyone who wants them to get them as soon as possible!