Pokémon 10 Card Mystery Pack

Pokémon 10 Card Mystery Pack - FirstStopGaming

Pokémon 10 Card Mystery Pack

Regular price $6.99

Each pack contains 10 cards.

Cards are a mix of vintage, modern, English, Japanese. 

Pull rates 

You get a secret rare/ vintage holo/ Ultra rare/ Hyper Rare 1:3 packs. 

Chase cards. 

Umbreon neo destiny $150+

Lugia neo genesis English 120+/ Japanese $85

Dark blastoise Holo $100

Dark Blastoise 1st edition non holo $80

Shining Lugia $120

Shining rayquaza $100

Flareon Ledgendary Reverse holo $250

Silveon GX $80

Erica's Hospitality $85

Marnie Shiny V $250

Suicune $100

Tyranitar Neo Destiny $75

And hundreds of more insane cards.  



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