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Xbox 360 players puzzle over three times the action in Qubed, a collection from Q Entertainment of three complete games. The package includes Xbox 360 editions of Rez, Lumines, and Every Extend Extra, three popular rhythm puzzle games originally released for PlayStation platforms, and also previously available for purchase digitally over the Xbox Live service. Rez is an on-rails shooter that aims to put players in a groove. A wireframe character moves ahead automatically through tech-inspired scenes of surreal, swirling light and color, blasting away at enemy objects to the beat of the background music. Different objects appear and must be shot, in time, to remove them from the screen. Music and lighting effects attune to the hero's rhythm as he blasts away at enemies. The edition of Rez HD included in Qubed is equivalent to the downloadable Xbox Live version of the game, based on Sega's 2002 PS2 original. In Lumines, two-toned square blocks fall from above, to be rotated and maneuvered into place by players, such that larger squares of the same color are created in the pile at the bottom of the screen. These square patterns of color are swept away by a vertical bar, which moves horizontally through the puzzle to the rhythm of the music playing, awarding points and making room for new blocks to fall into place. Based on the 2005 PSP original, the edition of Lumines Live featured in Qubed includes the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game along with five downloadable content packs and additional skin packs. Every Extend Extra is a game of timing and detonation. As in the 2006 PSP original, players control a small target that they can move freely (but at limited speed) across the screen. Other shapes move through the playfield in discernible patterns. The goal is to hit the button to explode the target at just the right moment and location, in order to set off a chain reaction of exploding shapes. A timer is always counting down, so players must earn extra time by racking up big scores and reaching point milestones before it's too late. Qubed includes the Xbox Live "E4" edition of the game, with a variety of single- and multiplayer modes. Famous in the game industry for creating innovative blends of rhythm, color, and classic play mechanics, Japan's Q Entertainment was co-founded by its Chief Creative Officer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, known for his original, musically influenced approach to game design. Before establishing Q Entertainment, Mizuguchi worked as the creative lead for Sega's United Game Artists studio.

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